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"Representing Style: the contribution of Markov constraints" (François Pachet)

02/05/2012 dalle 00:00 alle 00:00

Dove Aula Vitali

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Wednesday May 2 — h 4:00 pm

François Pachet

SONY Computer Science Laboratory Paris

Representing Style: the contribution of Markov Constraints

The motivation of this work is to generate sequences (typically music or text)
that imitate a given "style".

A traditional approach to represent style is to use statistical methods such as Markov processes.

Markov processes capture adequately short-term
dependencies in temporal sequences, but are very difficult to control.

Imposing arbitrary properties on Markov chains is indeed paradoxical as it often goes in the way of the basic Markov hypothesis of limited temporal dependency.

This talk introduces our work on Markov constraints: a new class of global constraints whose goal is to reformulate Markov processes in the framework of CSP, to enable users to generate sequences "in the style" of a given corpus,
while satisfying arbitrary control criteria.

We will give examples in music and text generation, and relate this work to the ERC funded "Flow Machines" project.

Introduction by Giovanni Emanuele Corazza

DEIS - Università di Bologna & MIC Marconi Institute for Creativity

Organized by Mirko Degli Esposti

Dipartimento di Matematica  - Università di Bologna